The NPP PINK LADIES was formed in the year 2018 with the core objective of helping the New Patriotic Party and NPP Government to succeed as well as organized, mobilized and campaign for the consolidation and maintaining of Political Power in the 2020 Presidential and Parliamentary Elections, and successive general elections in Ghana.


The leadership of NPP PINK LADIES is structured as follows:

1. Founding Patrons

2. National Delegates Conference

3. National Council of Patrons

4. National Steering Committee comprising of:
a) Convener
b) Secretary-General
c) Operations Secretary
d) International Relations Secretary
e) Organizing Secretary
f) Financial Secretary
g) Communications Secretary
h) Overseas Coordinators
i) Regional Coordinators
j) Constituency Coordinators
k) Tertiary Students Coordinators

  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Policies
  • 1. To support the development and welfare of the New Patriotic Party and NPP Government.

    2. To serve as the liaison platform between the Party and the Grassroots, and between Government and members of the Party.

    3. To serve as an election winning machinery for the New Patriotic Party.

    4. To partner all the structures of the New Patriotic Party to deliver on our promises to Ghanaians.

    5. To support the communications machinery of the Party and NPP Government in the projections and propagation of the achievements of NPP Government to Ghanaians and the world at large.

  • 1. To become the leading and trusted wing of the New Patriotic Party.

    2. To become the leading tried, tested and trusted platform for grassroots development, empowerment and campaigns.

  • 1. Grassroots campaigns, mobilization and organization.

    2. Human resources development and empowerment

    3. Welfare of the Grassroots and Members of NPP

    4. PR and marketing machinery of the New Patriotic Party

    5. Women, Children and Gender Advocacy

    6. Poor, Needy and Vulnerable empowerment Advocacy.