NAT’NL NPP PINK LADIES INVITATION TO JOINThe National Npp Pink Ladies is a ladies wing of the New Patriotic Party which was created to bring on board the youth of the party. Since its inception the pink ladies has become a force to reckon with. It has been able to bring together the ladies of the party for party activities and campaign towards the 2020 election.

The National Npp Pink Ladies is hereby calling on all lady patriots of our great party to come join it to work and campaign for the party in the coming elections. The Pink Ladies doors are opened to all and sundry who has the welfare of the party at heart and willing to die a little for others.

We have become a family of Ladies with common goals and aims. Come one, come all!

Pink Ladies forever! Pink ladies for life!! Pink ladies for election 2020!! Pink ladies for victory!!!







The NPP PINK LADIES was formed in the year 2018 with the core objective of helping the New Patriotic Party and NPP Government to succeed.

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